35L Spiral Dough Mixer

$1199 $1800

35L Spiral Dough Mixer " Used"
The perfect dough is more then just a sum of its raw ingredients. Made from a combination of the correct oxygenation, synchronisation of bowl and hook rotational speeds as well as mixing time, the CS series of spiral mixers makes the finest quality dough for breads.

35 Litre capacity
Easy to use controls
185rpm mixing speed
Bowl locking mechanism

Birko Hot Water Urn

$149 $300

Birko Hot Water Urn Brand New 10L
Made from polished stainless steel, this Birko Hot Water Urn is constructed with welded joints for added corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. With an alterable thermostat that allows for greater control over the water, this item features a safety cut out if the water boils dry as well as a non drip tap to prevent any accidents. Completed with a brass tap chrome finish, this urn adds a touch of vintage aesthetic to any commercial back of house.

Dough Roller

$899 $1800

Dough Roller
• Model: DR - 1V
• Dough Roller - 10 - 40cm
• Double Pass Dough Roller
• Safety guard
• Stainless steel bodyAG EQUIPMENT PIZZA

Cyclo Fans

$1000 $1500

Cyclo Fans
Model No.: V30-324-SP4
Serial no.: 11/16
Amps : 33
Watts: 320
Volts: 240
Rpm: 1400
Motor : C