Smart Phone Holder

$15 - 19 $28.54 - 35.67
Priced from: 15 0

Suitable for mounting all types of Mobile/PDA/GPS/MP4 devices. The unit is shock resistant and slip resistant, therefore designed to hold electronic devices safe and stable.
The unit is 360° rotatable and can be bent with flexibility.
Colour: Black
• Product N.W.: 100g
• Size: L /   160.5(L) x 90.5(W) x 20.5mm(H)
• XL / 180.5(L) x 100.5(W) x 20.5mm(H)

Burger Wrap

$65 - 264 $89 - 320
Priced from: 65 0

325mm x 450mm
The Burger Wraps are available in large size with waxed lining to protect against grease and to retain heat for burgers and other hot foods.
Colour: Yellow & White.