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E -bike Rental

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Exclusive Prices Limited Time Only
1. Advanced Electric Drive Technology.
2. Intelligent security alarm system.
3. Classic & Sleek Scoote Read more

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Exclusive Prices Limited Time Only
1. Advanced Electric Drive Technology.
2. Intelligent security alarm system.
3. Classic & Sleek Scooter Styling.
4. Lockable seat storage compartment.
5. Fuel Consumption- 0L/100km*
6. CO2 Emissions 0g/km**
7. Battery Level Display Indicators.
8. Front and Rear Drum Brakes.
9. Horn

E- Bike


Stress Free


   Rated Motor power          Rated Power 200W / Climbing ≤ 20° (350W)
   Battery Capacity48v20AH Max.
   Battery typeLead acid battery  
   Charging time 5 - 7 hours
   Loading Capacity≤150Kg

Speed & Range
   Max Speed                   10-25 km/h
   Range     40-50 km

    Overall length             1770mm
    Overall width           600mm
    Overall height           1100mm
    Tire Size           16" x 2.5"

Design Features

Suitable to carry 2 persons comfortably with a delivery box fitted on the back.
Easy to Pedal: The bike is designed for flexibility with comfortable to ride pedals giving the rider the option to pedal in case the e-bike reaches low battery levels.
Disc Brakes: Ventilated Disc Brakes add more safety control to the bike fittings with the combination of tubeless tyres.
Rear Lights:Powerful rear lights with quality side indicators aids with visibility as the sky dims and night comes. E-Bikes are safe to use at night to ride or to make food deliveries.
Rear Suspensions: The rear suspension gives you extra advantage and adventure when you on incline and hills adding more comfort to your drive.
Tachometers: Tachometers measure the accuracy of your speed when riding the e-Bike as well as contains battery level indicators that will keep you on track with your speed limits and remaining battery life before re-charging the e-Bike (although we recommend that you charge it every night!)
E-Bike Gloss stickers covering gives off the classic finish
All time Handy and Easily accessible indicators and light beam controls 
Join us and reduce your carbon footprint as well as third party fees to increase profits for your restaurant


  • Front & Rear Indicators
  • Footrest Cover
  • Speed Meter
  • Centre & Side Stand
  • Metal 304 Stainless Steel Motor Guard Cover
  • 3 Speed Transmission
  • Front & Rear Drum Brakes
  • Headlight & Stop Light
  • Lockable Seat
  • Anti-theft Switch
  • Mud guard
  • Rear Fork Cover Pedals (x2)
  • Logo Painting
  • Front & Rear Tubeless Tyres
  • Throttle
  • Horn
  • Flash
  • 1 Set of Keys (1 Intelligent Remote Control / 1 Normal)
  • Adjustable Mirror
  • Rear Tyre Lock
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